Will James Pickens Jr die in the next season of Grey's Anatomy?

Will James Pickens Jr Die in the next season of Grey's Anatomy?

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As we all know in almost every Grey's Anatomy season a character always die. Shonda Rhimes is known for killing off great characters and Pickens might be the next one to go. 

Pickens as been around since season 1. He was the Chief of Surgery and now an attending general surgeon and the residency program director. 

Most fans of Grey's Anatomy thinks that Pickens might be the character who dies in season 15 of the show. 

I really hope this theory don't come true, because he's a really great character and also a fan favourite.

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  1. I saY she'll have him killed off.

  2. Please don't kill him off. He is the voice of wisdom and reason. Love his character.


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