Cobra Kai's star Xolo Maridueña/Miguel Diaz wants the show to end soon.

 Cobra Kai's star Xolo Maridueña/ Miguel Diaz wants the show to end soon. 

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Cobra Kai star Xolo Maridueña discusses why he wants the show to end soon. Xolo, who plays Miguel Diaz, is arguably one of the best characters and also a fan favorite. In Season 5 of the show, Miguel was going through a hard time after taking a trip to Mexico to meet his biological father, which didn't go well for him. He was also having relationship issues with his girlfriend, Samantha LaRusso. However, at the end of the season, he found himself joining forces with former rival Robby Keene and working things out with Samantha.

Xolo recently appeared on the BigThingPodcast, where he was asked how long Cobra Kai could continue before it starts to show a noticeable drop in quality. He responded by saying "one more great season" left in it. Basically, Xolo is saying, hypothetically, that season 6 would be great, but if they make a 7th season, it will probably be just good or okay. Maridueña doesn't want the show to be drawn out.


Maridueña will be appearing next in the superhero movie Blue Beetle spoke more about it and how he met the producer of the show before he found out that he was actually the producer. He also said he didn't have to audition or anything to get the role.


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