New Season of Teen Wolf coming out soon

New Season Of Teen Wolf Coming Out Soon.

So Teen Wolf is coming back on MTV this summer. The new season of Teen Wolf will be called "Teen Wolf Next Generation." MTV uploaded a clip couple days ago of the new season. In the clip it seems as if someone attacked Scott and took the alpha from him, you can see his eyes changing from red to yellow. Then we saw a next clip with Liam eyes glowing red and a alien creature standing. We also saw Monroe running and a voice calling Scott sounding like Allison. 

A lot of Teen Wolf fans are saying this clip is not real and it was edited. While some fans are saying Teen Wolf will come out with a spinoff this summer.

So let us know what you think, the video can be found on Youtube when you search for "Teen Wolf Next Generation." 

I personally think that there should be a next season of Teen Wolf or a spinoff for us as fans. 

And in this new season I would love to see Liam becoming an alpha and Stiles turning into a Werewolf as well. Would also love to see more romantic moments with Scott and Malia and Stiles and Lydia. More fighting should also be in this new season and Scott should shape shift that's what i would love to see.

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