Great fighter, but doesn’t really fit in; here’s why.

Great Fighter, But Doesn’t Really Fit In; Here’s why.

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Does Aisha Robinson fit in? Many fans might disagree with this article simply because Aisha’s character was great and she was arguably one of the fan favorites throughout the first and second seasons.
Aisha is a great fighter and the first female fighter to compete with the males in the All Valley Tournament. She did extremely well but was defeated by Xander. Fans said that they would love to see her fight in the female division of the All Valley, but sadly, she was written out of the show before that happened.
The show was great without her character, and if she were still in the show, I personally don’t think she would fit in the storyline. The Tory and Samantha beef was good for the show, and we don’t really know how Aisha would fit in, especially with Tory and Samantha, the two main female characters. After the fight with Aisha and Xander, fans were already starting to not like her character, saying that she’s a cry baby, easily upset, and also annoying, but her real fans loved her the same and were sad to see her departure. The writers and directors of the show said that there was no place for her role in the script, and that’s very understandable. She did, however, make an appearance in season 4, but it wasn’t a major part, and she didn’t appear in season 5. Some fans are okay with her departure, while others think that she should appear in season 6, the final season of the show.
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