Martin Kove Raked in Six Figures Per Episode For His Role In ‘Cobra Kai’

Martin Kove Raked In Six Figures Per Episode For His Role On ‘Cobra Kai’

Karate Kid star Martin Kove pulled in a stunning amount of income for the latest season of Cobra Kai, which led to a battle over the commissions for those


It is said that several people involved with managing Kove’s career are currently fighting over who gets the high commissions for negotiating his current contract.

Kove played the character John Kreese, owner of the Cobra Kai dojo.

David Shapira, who’s an agent, filed legal documents claiming he should get 10% of Kove's earnings from Cobra Kai seasons 4–7. According to the filing, in October of 2019, Shapira ran into Kove at a film screening and claims the actor told him to represent him as a talent agent. Following the meeting, a representative for the actor allegedly reached out to Shapira and said he would be compensated for future seasons of Cobra Kai.


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