No Cobra Kai for Hilary Swank?

 No Cobra Kai for Hilary Swank?

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As we know the hit karate Netflix TV series Cobra Kai is known for bringing back iconic characters from the Karate Kid films and it has been very impressive. The likes of Ralph Macchio and William Zabka as Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence and there’s also Martin Kove and Thomas Ian Griffith as villains John Kreese and Terry Silver, Yuji Okumoto and Sean Kansan as villains who became allies Chozen Toguchi and Mike Barnes. Many more characters from the Karate Kid franchise made appearances in Cobra Kai but the most talked about individual that everyone wants to see appear in the show is Hilary Swank, who played Julie Pierce in the 1994 film The Next Karate Kid.

Even though Daniel, Johnny and the Cobra Kai dojo had nothing to do with what went on in The Next Karate Kid, Julie was a student of Mr Miyagi Daniel’s mentor. Many fans wanted her to show up in the show before it ends, and the sixth and final season is currently in production, but according to Swank, she’s not going to be in it.

Swank was asked recently if she’s going to be making an appearance on Cobra Kai. She said, “I don’t think I am, unfortunately. I know. It’s like, the number one question I get right now. Most people usually say, ‘what’s it like working with Clint Eastwood?’ But I think, ‘Are you going to be on Cobra Kai?’ Has almost surpassed that.”

So it seems as if it has been confirmed that she won’t be apart of the show, so all the theories that she will play Tory’s Mom or she will be in the Sekai Taikai tournament as a sensei or judge is now out the window. 

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