Hilary Swank might appear in the 6th season of Cobra Kai.

Hilary Swank might appear in the 6th season of Cobra Kai. 

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Cobra Kai is known for bringing back former stars of The Karate Kid franchise. However, there are still stars who have yet to appear. One of these stars is Hilary Swank, who played Julie Pierce in The Next Karate Kid.


Many fans have wondered if Swank will eventually appear in Cobra Kai, and the showrunners even said that they have ideas for how to use her character. Swank recently revealed that she hasn't been asked to be involved in the show.


"I'm not in Cobra Kai. No one's asked me to be in Cobra Kai," she revealed. "A lot of people ask if I'm going to be on it. It's like the number one question I get. No one's called me! But it's so funny, isn't it? Is that the one thing I get asked the most about and no one's called me?

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It pretty much seems as if Swank is interested in being part of Cobra Kai and is reaching out. Cobra Kai is renewed for season 6, and that's an opportunity for Hilary Swank to return as Julie Pierce. Even though the actress is currently pregnant with twins, we might not see any fighting or action scenes with her.


Xolo Mariduea might have hinted at a possible Swank return.

During an interview with The Big Thing Show, Xolo was asked if she was going to return.


"I think like the guys always say, if there in the universe, there in the universe." He said. And I think there's no way... I think there's no way they won't finish the show without getting everyone, or even just a reference or a nod to acknowledge that she lives in this universe."


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