Young and the Restless Spoilers For The Week

Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Week

For the fans of Young and the Restless let’s take a look at the upcoming spoilers for the week.

The feud between Tucker and the Abbott family takes several unexpected turns. Meanwhile, Lily and Devon seem poised to take a risk, Chance’s loved ones fret, and Ashley makes Tucker the kind of offer he’ll likely find tough to turn down! Also, it looks like the battle between Jack and Tucker is about to heat up. This time around, it is Jack who is planning on mounting a retaliation attack on his foe.

Jill and Nina are also worried about Chance after his recent shooting; hopefully they can convince him to change his career.
Mamie had to have known this day would come. But at last, she’s going to have to make a major, major decision!
Not to mention how affected Michelle Stafford was when her kids visited the set.
Victor is normally the one who drops bombshells, but he’s the one who gets disturbing news today!

Audra has long thought she could use her sexual wiles to keep Kyle in line, but little did she know he may not be as easy to control as she’d believed!

When Claire sets another trap, who will be her next target?

Nikki is planning an escape. But will it be successful? She might want to be careful, especially with Jordon's aunt lurking.

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